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Wixom, Michigan – January 29, 2013 – Jandbathome.com, the industry’s leading source in the nation for adult incontinence supplies, baby and youth diapers, and training pants, now carries Male Guards products just for men from top brands like Depend® and Prevail®.

“We are committed to carrying the most comprehensive selection of incontinence supplies, underwear, liners, pads, and briefs (sometimes referred to as adult diapers) for adults. We need to understand incontinent product needs of both men and women,” said a Diaper Buys representative. “The new guard products for men are designed specifically for the male body, providing discreet, protection.”

The top-selling male guard products at Diaper Buys are currently the Depend® Guards for Men and Prevail® Male Guards.

  • Depend® Guards for Men are worn inside the user’s own close-fitting underwear to provide correct fit and worry-free odor control. They are wrapped individually in a cloth-like pouch for discreet carrying and feature adhesive strips for a secure and confident fit.
  • Prevail® Male Guards are designed with a full-length adhesive strip for secure anchoring, the ultimate in protection and discretion. Prevail® Male Guards feature an Advanced Zoning System® targeted acquisition zone for top-of-the-line leakage protection. This male guard product also features a blue “Stay-Dry Strip” which ensures liquid is quickly wicked and locked away from the skin, thereby guaranteeing superior skin dryness.

Diaper Buys strives to provide the lowest prices possible for all its incontinence supplies with “no charge” on shipping within the continental United States. They continually price checks their own products against other competitors to ensure they are offering the best prices for all types of products. Diaper Buys is the largest home delivery supplier of adult diapers in the United States; they supply all the major brand name products.

For more information on choosing the right incontinence supplies, speak to a customer service expert at 855-BUY-DIAPERS or visit www.Jandbathome.com. You can find the latest diaper coupons by visiting Diaper Buys on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/J&B at Home/app_190322544333196.

About Jandbathome.com:

Jandbathome.com is the industry’s leading source for all types of adult incontinence product and training pants for babies and children. J&B Medical Supply’s sample program, quality guarantee and free standard shipping make ordering with Diaper Buys the most trusted first step to managing adult and children incontinence needs.