Hygeia Pro Breast Pump, With built-in lithium rechargeable battery, power cord, deluxe backpack tote, cooler, cold pack and manual pump adapter and NEW backflow protection


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The Hygeia Pro is a most innovative pump yet. It has hospital-strength but fits in your purse. The cordless feature allows mom to pump anywhere. It maximizes comfort while being ultra lightweight, quiet and compact.


Hospital-Grade Quality:  Hygeia offers the same speed and strength as pumps used in the hospital
Cordless: Moms have the freedom to pump anywhere with the internal, rechargeable battery
Closed System:  A closed system pump protects the breast milk from outside contaminants
Hygeia Baby App: Moms will be set up for success with IBCLC consults, breastfeeding tips and helpful videos
Ultra Quiet:  Mom can pump discreetly with less than 45 db of sound
Ultra Lightweight and Compact: Weighs less than a pound and can fit in the palm of your hands
Illuminated Display: Perfect for nighttime pumping and tracking your pumping session time
Stimulation and Expression Mode: Separate modes to mimic your baby’s suckling patterns
USB Charging Cord: The Hygeia Pro can be charged just about anywhere with the convenient USB charging option

What’s Included:

Built-in lithium rechargeable batteryPower cordDeluxe backpack toteCoolerCold packManual pump adapterNEW backflow protection PAS.LCD displayTwo-phase pumping, with 6 levels Stimulation and 12 levels of Expression, timer display to track pumping time.

PAS Personal Accessory Set includes: (2) backflow silicone diaphragms,(2) backflow protector cases, (2) small 24mm flanges, (2) medium 28mm flanges (4) duckbill valves, (4) bottles, (2) tubing, (4) locking rings and discs.


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