Anti-embolism knee high, closed toe stocking, 18mmHg

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Therapeutic graduated compression, 18mmHg targeted at the ankle, non-constricting, soft stay-up top for comfort and closed toe design.

Product Number – Size
TRU8808-BGS – Small-Beige
TRU8808-BGM – Medium-Beige
TRU8808-BGL – Large-Beige
TRU8808-BGXL – X-Large-Beige
TRU8808-BGXXL – 2X-Large-Beige
TRU8808-BGXXXL – 3X-Large-Beige
TRU8808-BLS – Small-Black
TRU8808-BLM – Medium-Black
TRU8808-BLL – Large-Black
TRU8808-BLXL – X-Large-Black
TRU8808-BLXXL – 2X-Large-Black
TRU8808BL-3L – 3X-Large-Black
TRU8808-WHS – Small-White
TRU8808-WHM – Medium-White
TRU8808-WHL – Large-White
TRU8808-WHXL – X-Large-White
TRU880-WHXXL – 2X-Large-White
TRU8808-WHXXXL – 3X-Large-White

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Designed to meet the demanding standards of the hospital environment, Anti-embolism Stockings act as a thromboembolic deterrent for the reclining or bed-confined patient. They are also ideal for use with the post-surgical, home convalescing patient. The closed toe offers a more natural stocking feel, ideal for early ambulation. Beige and black color options allow for a more attractive appearance while ambulatory.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 8.25 × 4.5 × 1.25 in

Small-Beige, Small-Black, Small-White, Medium-Black, Medium-Beige, Medium-White, Large-Beige, Large-Black, Large-White, X-Large-Beige, X-Large-Black, X-Large-White, 2X-Large-Beige, 2X-Large-Black, 2X-Large-White, 3X-Large-Beige, 3X-Large-White


1 Pair