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Every parent will tell you they yearn for the days when their baby was still a baby. Parents hate seeing their children grow up too fast. However, there is one part of parenting moms and dads would love to do without: dealing with diapers and diaper problems. From the high expense to the mess that can result, diapers are anything but fun. Fortunately, for every problem there must be a solution. Here are the 5 biggest problems with baby diapers, along with practical solutions.



Problem #1: Leaks Diapers are supposed to help prevent leaks and avoid messes.

However, choosing a good baby diaper can be a bit of a challenge. Too many diapers these days are not very well made and do not successfully prevent leaking. In order to choose a diaper that best prevents leaks, choose one based on your baby’s weight, not age. This will help ensure proper fit. Additionally, you may want to look for diapers that allow adjustment. This is especially important as a diaper’s shape can affect how well it fits. You’ll also want to check to make sure it offers super absorbency and features two elastic bands around the waist for added security.


Problem #2: Diaper Rash Diaper rash is a very common problem amongst infants. However, it is still disheartening to see your baby suffer through diaper rash. With a good diaper that prevents leaks you can help to eliminate the occurrence of diaper rash. Make sure the diaper does not fit too tight against the creases of your baby’s legs. Parents will also want to be sure your baby’s diaper remains dry. Change his or her diaper frequently.


Problem #3: Comfort As a parent you’ll undoubtedly want your baby to be comfortable. When your baby is growing they will change diaper sizes frequently. Always check to make sure their diaper isn’t too small. Make sure the diaper has room and the elastic can still be pulled a little bit from your baby’s waist. Make sure the diaper is not leaving any marks on your baby’s skin. If the diaper fits fine but your baby is still left with marks on his or her skin, you may want to make sure they have not developed an allergy to an ingredient used in your baby wipes, powder, or the diaper itself.


Problem #4: Cost Diapers are one of the biggest expenses for any new parent, and it seems like the higher the quality, the higher the cost. However, they are ways that you can save big and cut down your expense. One way is to look into purchasing baby diapers online at discount prices. Often times the price of diapers online is significantly cheaper than one big warehouses or retailers charge. You may also want to consider purchasing diapers in bulk. While it may seem more expensive to buy a large pack of diapers at first, in the long run each individual diaper will be cheaper and you’ll end up using them all anyway so your money won’t go to waste.


Do you deal with these same diaper problems with your baby? How do you go about solving your biggest diaper problems?