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In order to provide the most helpful and reliable service, Diaper Buys offers much more than diaper coupons. Instead, we have developed our trusted Diaper Buys Sample Program. Diaper selection can be stress-free with our Sample Program, which is designed to help assist you in finding the very best adult diapers for your individual priorities.

There are a few considerations to take when choosing adult diaper brands and they depend on your most important priorities. How much absorbency do you require? Do you intend on wearing them at night, during the day, or both? Are you active and prefer a diaper that can function for longer stretches of time? Is discreetness important to you? Once you answer some of these questions, you will be better prepared to start testing out diaper brands. To help you out, here are the Top 10 Adult Diaper Brands chosen by Diaper Buys staff:

  1. Attends: Attends have been producing adult incontinence products for over 30 years. Attends Underwear and Attends Briefs are some of the most popular on the market. They are very discreet under clothing and stay secure for long periods of time.
  2. Tranquility: Tranquility is another trusted name in adult diaper manufacturing. They have diapers designed with sensitive skin in mind, with the aim to minimize or eliminate instances of adult diaper rash.
  3. Prevail: This brand comes in a variety of sizes and absorbency levels, making it very customizable to individuals depending on their needs. They come with adjustable panels in sizes up to double extra large.
  4. Depend: Almost everyone has heard of Depend brand for adult diapers. They are a household name for a reason, consistently producing superior diapers for decades. They are also a very affordable option for everyday use.
  5. Tena: Tena is an innovator of adult incontinence products, offering not only diapers but also other products like pads and specialty underwear. Tena products offer odor protection, leaving the wearer feeling fresh and clean all day long.
  6. Wings: Wings is another adult diaper brand and very popular with men due to the cut of the design. A proprietary blue dryness strip designed to keep moisture away from the body is also found built into their products. Lastly, Wings includes wetness sensors built into their designs to indicate when to switch out the diapers.
  7. PER-FIT: PER-FIT is an extremely affordable brand preferred by healthcare facilities and for long term use. Tabs allow for reattaching so they can be used throughout the day.
  8. Dignity: Dignity adult diapers also offer great fit for a variety of sizes and shapes with self-adjusting leg gathers and adjustable closures. Add this to the acquisition layer their designs have and you have a great adult diaper with the ability to adequately absorb liquids and prevent leaks.
  9. Select: Select is another brand option for those customers who desire diapers for daily use, consistently throughout the day. Select adult diapers are affordable and also come in a range of styles.
  10. Maxi Care: This manufacturer creates belted disposable undergarments, as they like to call them. They look quite unique compared to competitors but have a large market share in the adult incontinence industry. Maxi Care diapers are known for being very absorbent.

Still don’t know where to start? Avoid making an expensive investment into a brand or style that just doesn’t work for you, use Diaper Buys and our outstanding customer service to help aid your search.

So how does the Sample Program work?

Conquer adult incontinence when you give Diaper Buys a call today, our experts will help you answer some of the same questions previously mentioned. Then we’ll help you choose the product the best tailored to your needs. Best part? Diaper Buys will ship your samples to you at absolutely no cost. This program is just one of the ways we work to insure customer expectations are met and exceeded.

By following some of these tips, utilizing the Diaper Buys Sample Program and doing your adult diaper research for the best fit and cost, you can find freedom from adult incontinence today. Stop settling on adult diapers that don’t work for you and find your best brand today.