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The last thing you want with a diaper is leaks – but how do you pick out the best diapers for your baby? Here are some of our top tips for picking out baby diapers:

  • Elastic leg bands – probably the most important thing when it comes to diapers, you want elastic leg bands that are going to keep a diaper securely attached to even the most active babies.
  • Elastic waistbands – just like the leg bands, elastic waistbands on your baby’s diapers will stay secure, even when they start crawling and walking.
  • Diapers with adjustable tape or Velcro fasteners – Velcro or re-fastenable tabs guarantee that the diaper is going to stay on once it’s on – even if you do a quick diaper check every once in a while.
  • Absorbent cores – a super absorbent core will ensure improved protection, less leakage, and increased dryness (that means less diaper rash!)
  • Breathable sides to keep baby dry – speaking of diaper rash, breathable sides keep your baby dry and improve comfort
  • A notch for the navel area on newborn diapers – newborn diapers should have a notch to allow a spot for the umbilical cord if it hasn’t fallen off yet
  • Low prices – your baby is going to go through a lot of diapers – we mean it, a lot! So you want to get diapers at the lowest prices. That means getting your diapers through Diaper Buys – we even offer diaper coupons!