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There have been many advances in incontinence supplies, especially in the realm of adult diapers and briefs.  Manufacturers have listened to the comments and concerns of their consumers and have improved many aspects of the adult diaper.

Major brands put their products through extensive laboratory testing to determine absorbency, comfort ability, odor elimination and fit.  Some of the advances in each of these categories are explained in detail.

Absorbency – Brands have added absorbent chemicals or water absorbing crystals to retain water and plastic exteriors prevent leaks and continue to improve this technology.  Along with those advances, disposable diapers are made with a plethora of materials like polymers, cotton, and a mixture of air laid paper and non woven material to transfer wetness through the layers of the diaper.

Fit – Adult diapers commonly are fitted with adhesive or Velcro tapes to keep the diaper fastened. These fasteners are reseal-able to allow for multiple uses.  An adult brief is typically fitted with elasticized fabric and gussets around the leg and waist to assure fitting but flexibility when mobile.  These elastic fabrics help keep the diaper or brief secure and fit naturally like underwear.

Odor Control – Adult diapers and briefs are also including fragrances, lotions and essential oils to mask the scent of a soiled diaper and to protect the skin.  This eliminates and reduces the odor from incontinence. These additions also prevent from bacterial overgrowth and irritations to the skin.

Comfort – New improvements in appearance have made them less bulky and seamless.  More diapers are beginning to look like underwear and lack the significant padding of previous products.  These diapers and briefs still provide the same absorbency and protection but allow for a more discreet appearance.

Manufacturers have created a variety of products with a variety of specifications.  Read labels and look for what suits your individual needs.  When possible ask the company for sample packs or diaper coupons to help save on some of the costly products.  Take the time to understand your needs before purchasing products.