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HaloShield® One Piece Odor Control Undergarments

A fresh solution to the problem of urine odor.
• Haloshield ® reusable underpads and adult briefs are a major development in antimicrobial protection that stops unpleasant, embarrassing urine odors at the source.
• Developed by PhD scientists with over 20 years of research, the proven and patented urine odor-killing power of our suite of washable incontinence products is renewed with every wash in regular chlorine bleach.

• Non-irritating for sensitive skin.
• More economical and better for the environment than disposables.

Money Saving:
• Does not require expensive softeners …saves on chemicals.
• Reduces the need for masking agents like deodorizing sprays.
• Energy efficient and quick drying …costs less to process.

Safe & Dependable:
• All washable incontinent underpads and briefs are Safe Guard certified meeting CPSIA requirements for ortho-phthlates and extractable heavy metals.
• Latex free.
• Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Washing Instructions:
• Wash with regular Clorox Chlorine bleach (or equivalent) before first use and every use thereafter.
• Avoid no splash formulas.
• Machine was on hottest water setting.
• Machine dry.
• Do not use fabric softener.

Women’s Panty:
• Nylon/Lycra stretch fabric
• Lace trim

Product Number – Size
SLK5025H-SM – Size Small, 22-28″
SLK5025H-MD – Size Medium, 29-33″
SLK5025H-LG – Size Large, 34-39″
SLK5025H-XLG – Size X-Large, 40-48″


Haloshield Reusable Underpads & Briefs


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